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Mark’s Birthday

I have a dear friend named Mark, and today is his birthday.  Mark is a unique person, which is a quality I love about him.  I also enjoy our conversations which range from serious to hilariously funny.  Sometimes, it nice just to share the silence with him.  Over the years, we have worked together on many projects such as trimming tree branches down the driveway.  Two of the greatest qualities about Mark is that he is such a giving and caring person.  He has gone out of his way to help my family on several occasions.  So, here’s to Mark.

Happy Birthday, Mark, and Brightest of Blessings for the coming year!


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Thor news

Those who have been reading my posts know that our dog Thor was missing for several days.  Being reunited with him after those 4+ days was incredible.  It was both sad and happy.  Happy for the reunion; sad for his injuries.  We took him to the vet that day.  We were told that he had many injuries, but that he would most likely heal just fine.  Further, we were instructed to bring him back if he did not get better or showed signs that he was worse.  He has been getting around on his own with some difficulty.  He has been lifting his front right paw and using only the other three to get around.  Yesterday, I noticed that when he did put that paw down it had a different angle to it that the other.  An angle I had not seen on any dog before.  So, I decided to call the vet for a follow-up appointment.  It was late and the vet’s office closed.

When I awoke this morning, calling the vet soon after the office opened was a priority.  She agreed to see him in 30 minutes.  When we arrived, I got Thor out of the van and onto the ground.  He walked in on his own (after watering a bush or two).  The vet saw him and said she had never seen that injury in a dog.  She stated that she’d seen it in horses, but never a dog.  She said it feels like one or more of the carpal bones in the wrist might be dislocated and that the tendon in the wrist may have been torn.  She has decided to utilize a splint and to refer him to Virginia Tech for orthopedic surgery.

The splint will be put on at 3 o’clock this afternoon.  I do not know yet when his appointment at Tech will be.  I’ll keep everyone informed.

Love and light and Brightest of Blessings to Thor!  Love live the puppy!

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Hurricane Irene

The tracking programs for Hurricane Irene had her coming fairly close to us there for a little while.  I was hoping for some rain out of the deal.  It would have been nice for the garden to get an inch or two of rain.  I didn’t want a gully-washer, but still some rain would have been greatly appreciated.  Instead, Irene decided to go further east which meant that we got clouds and about ten whole raindrops.  Okay, okay,…I’m exaggerating slightly.  We actually had about ten minutes of rain in total for the entire time that Irene was working her way up the coast.  I realize, of course, that her track caused evacuations, flooding and other problems for many people.  I’m very glad to hear that everyone is okay.  It definitely could have been much worse.  Still, a bit more rain would have been nice.

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In the beginning, there was no time.  Time is marked by the movement of things, generally planets.  In the beginning, there was nothing and so there was no time.  There were, however, the unmovable movers, that which came to be known as the Elohim, the creator gods.  There was nothing, other than the Elohim, which makes even the existence of space, darkness, and the heavens questionable.  For what exists, besides the Elohim if nothing is all there is?  No one will ever know how long nothing existed.  The Elohim might know, but I doubt they would ever tell us.

Then, in one moment of inspiration or divine will, the Elohim thought of her.  The Elohim placed her in space.  Darkness surrounded her body of mist or vapor or plasma or maybe of something unexplainable.  Anyway, she moved through space, but not time, which did not exist yet.  The Elohim were pleased with her, but they wanted more.  They liked what their one thought had created.  So, they reflected upon her and upon themselves in a great, imaginary, cosmic mirror.  They wanted more beings like themselves, and she was the key.  She would become the Mother of All.

She alone was not enough to create all that the Elohim wanted to create.  So, the Elohim thought and he came into being.  He was not like her.  He was not mist.  He was long and bony white with fire for eyes so that he could see her in the darkness that was her world.  He carried a scythe, for he brought death with him just as she brought life with her.  They were opposite and equal in force and strength.  She was not his victim; he was not hers.  They meet and mated just as the Elohim had in their minds created.  The meeting was pleasant for both him and her.  Their union produced what is now called the Big Bang.  With the birth of their children, this universe came into being.

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Thor is home!!  He was found under a neighbor’s porch by another neighbor who was mowing her yard.  He apparently went there after being hit by a car.  He has road rash on his belly and three open wounds.  Other than that, the vet says he’s fine.  He drank five bowls of water and ate moist food while at the vets.  He’s resting on my son’s bed.  Today’s homeschool lesson:  Never give up hope!

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Arms crossed

I sit here with my arms crossed trying to think of something to write.  Once again, Thor is on my mind.  He is still missing.  We’ve had no word.  I’ve printed more fliers.  My cats, Smoke, Puff, Salem and Callie, have been fed and their water dish cleaned and filled.  Freya, my older dog, has been petted, brushed, fed and her water dish filled.  Still no Thor.  I miss his happy dance.  I miss the way he greets me whether I’m arriving by car or just walking out of the door of my house.  I wish I had made a video of his happy dance.  I’d put it on Facebook for all the world to see.  I wish I’d made a video of Thor grooming the cats and Freya.  I’d show it off too.  On this second day of our home school year, I think we’ll spend part of the time on the fliers and searching.  I also think I’ll place an ad in the local paper.  Any other suggestions?

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My son is seventeen, and he’s homeschooled.  Today is our first day back.  It’s been difficult because our missing dog, Thor, is on both our minds.  My son wrote about him in his English journal.  I’ve been on the phone with Animal Control and the local vets.  We’ve put out fliers, which we also gave to our neighbors.  I even walked the sides of the road just in case Thor had been hit by a vehicle.  No word yet.  We miss our Thor.

Have you ever gone to school or work with a distraction on your mind?  What do you do to get over it?  Or do you even try to?  I didn’t try to today.  I let Thor be on my mind, and I let him be on my son’s mind.  Today was a light day of work for us both.  We needed that, in my opinion.

Hopefully, tomorrow will find Thor home and happy.

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