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Creating characters is like making new people, but not.  The character starts with an idea or a name.  Then, s/he gets a description.  After that comes history and family.  The final thing is to decide how the characters will interact with each other.  The first character leads to the creation of the next,…usually.  The hardest part, for me, is writing the character’s personal history.  This history gives the events in the character’s life that made the character the way s/he is now.  It tells how the character got to this point in his/her life.  Some of the events are obvious.  I mean, if you are writing about a woman who does counseling for battered women, then more than likely she or someone she knows was abused in the past.  It’s the other, less momentous events that are sometimes hard to come up with, but they can be equally important.

Once the characters are created, the story starts to take shape around them.  That’s when the fun part begins.


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Facebook no more!

Today, I deactivated my Facebook account.  I was tired of the privacy issues and the constant updates that just made it worse, not better.  So, there!  *nods head in determined way*

So, now that I don’t have a Facebook account to waste my time on, what shall I do?  I know…write more and spend more time outside.  Maybe I’ll set up a chess board  so that my son, Joshua, and I can continue to play chess.  I think I’ll also play with my pets more and spend more time talking with family and friends.  Of course, talking will mean in person, over the phone, through e-mail or in chat programs.  Not having Facebook will also give me more time to read and crochet.

It seems to me that Facebook, like many other technological things, is addictive.  There’s so much to do on there that it’s hard to find the time to do anything not on there.  Did that make sense?

Anyway, so a toast to life without Facebook!  Cheers!

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All is well

My world is quiet this morning, except for the bugs chattering to each other outside.  The dogs are sleeping.  The cats are outside.  My son is sleeping.  Frank and Janine are next door.

I’ve had two cups of coffee with breakfast.  The sun peeked through the curtain of clouds for a brief moment.  I am going to a friend’s home later today, but other than that…I’ve no plans.

I did find out that one of my sons is now engaged!  Yay!  They make such a wonderful couple.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to write on this quiet morning.  Maybe, I’ll just go back to bed.  After I wake up, I might feel more like writing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Yesterday I decided to go down to the garden to harvest from many varieties of plants, mostly different types of tomatoes.  I started with the tomatoes that are near the corn.  A few were ready.  I also got a scallop squash.  Then, I harvested a handful of basil.  Next, it was time to tackle the yellow pear tomato plants that have been rather prolific this year.  I had one more plant to harvest and bent to my task.  Suddenly, I felt my blood pressure drop and my butt touch the fence.

Next thing I knew, I was on the other side of the now-broken fence lying slightly curled and on my stomach.  I rolled onto my back and assessed injuries, since I don’t feel pain as I should this process is a bit slow.  After realizing that I had no major or seemingly minor injuries, I stood up and looked at the garden fence.  My fall tore about a three foot section out of the plastic fencing, but the yellow nylon straps that helped hold the fence in place where still intact.

I walked around the garden rather than try to make it through the hole I’d made.  I went straight to the far end of the garden where the yellow pear tomatoes stood.  I put the tomatoes in my apron’s pockets into the basket and walked up to the house.  I found Janine and told her what had happened.  Next, I found my son, Joshua, and told him about.

Interesting experience, don’t you think?  And in case you are wondering, the drop in blood pressure is called orthostatic hypotension.  It’s just one of the many interesting health issues that I now have as a result of   the lightning that got me when I was 17 years old.  The diminished capacity to feel pain is also related.

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Sleeping Dogs

My two dogs, Thor and Freya, are sleeping near my computer chair.  They are both dreaming.  It’s nice to sit here with them nearby.

Freya is one of my “old ladies”.  She is 15 years old.  She loves to sun herself and sleep under the front porch.  She tends to stay closer to home than she used to, probably because she now has cataracts.  She still has her girlish figure and loads of pretty blonde hair with red highlights.

My other old lady is my now 16 year old cat, Smoke.  Her fur is a tortoise shell color.  She still loves to hunt mice and voles, among other things.  I saw her trying to chase down a small bunny the other day.  She still will put up one heck of a fight if she’s back into a corner.  She plays with the kittens, although not for long.  (She puts them in their places on an as-needed basis.)

Two things that I’ve learned from my old ladies is that you are only as old as you think you are, and always make the time to go outside many times a day.

So, here’s to Freya, Smoke and all my critters!  Cheers!

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Thor update

This morning, Thor did something that he’s not done since the accident.  He did his happy puppy dance!!  Albeit a modified version, he was still an amazing sight.

He’s lying on the floor on his new pillow bed that Janine made for him yesterday,…well, at least his head it on it.

He’s making remarkable progress to a full recovery!  Yay!  Thor!

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Everyone has moods.  Everyone also has emotional orbits around loved ones.  The orbit around each loved person is different according to the relationship that one has with that individual.  Orbits are almost never perfectly round.  There are times when one is closer to someone than at other times.  One’s mood helps to determine where on that orbit you happen to be.

Some people go through predictable, yearly cycles, such as people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder (a.k.a. – “SAD”).  Others, like me, have unpredictable cycles and, therefore, unpredictable orbits.  There are times when I am much closer and much more willing to interact with my loved ones than at other times.  It is just a fact of who I am.  I came to terms with this long ago, as have many members of my family.

Every once in a while, a loved one will remind me that I’ve been out of touch for too long.  This happened earlier today in an e-mail from a dear friend, Renae.  It’s not that anything is wrong.  It’s not that I’m angry.  It’s not anything but me, my self, and the distance that I need on occasion.  In other words, it happens.  I love my family.  I love my friends.  Sometimes, though, I just need some space on the outermost point of my orbit.

That’s just the way I am.

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