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My greenhouse continues to amaze me.  On Wednesday, I awoke to freezing rain and a wind.  For this area, that mean power outage.  So, I got up and checked all my water jugs to make sure they were full, got extra wood brought in, and started my normal, daily routine on top of that.  Toward the middle of the day, the power went out.  It came on briefly that night around ten o’clock, but it went back out about an hour later.  I’m very thankful for my woodstove.

Two days later, and the electricity is now back on.  Yay!  So, now it’s time to refill the water jugs, get showers, bathe one of my dogs, and check everything in the freezer.

Now, for the problem.  We’re expecting freezing rain tonight and tomorrow, and I’m supposed to bake and decorate a three tiered wedding cake for my sister’s wedding which is scheduled for one o’clock in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve.  Fun, fun!  I might just go to my mother’s to do the cake.  I’ll be closer, and she almost never looses her electric service.

On the bright side, in spite of the weather and being unheated, my greenhouse looks great!  It’s amazing.  I thought I might loose some of the plants on the work bench.  They look great, and the plants in the raised bed look wonderful.  *Happy Dance*

If you are in the path of the upcoming storm, please stay safe and warm and dry.  Brightest of Blessings for the coming year!


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Yesterday morning, I went into the greenhouse and discovered that my plants in pots on the workbench had frozen soil.  I went in later after I saw the fan running.  It’s set to start running at eighty-five degrees.  The plants’ soils were no longer frozen.  The surprising thing was that the plants that were green before the freeze were still green.  They looked just as happy as they did before the freeze.  Hardy perennials, indeed.

Many of the plants in the raised bed drooped because of the cold.  They also recovered nicely.  The plants in the larger pots on the floor of the greenhouse also look good.  The only one that I think might die is the parsley.  I’m hoping it will live to give me seeds later on.

I hope all your plants are overwintering well.  Have a blessed day.

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Last night, we got a dusting of snow that is still on the ground.  It’s just above freezing with a wind.  We are currently under a high wind warning.  I went to bed last night wondering how the plants in my unheated greenhouse would fair.

I waited outside the greenhouse until the wind wasn’t whipping around.  Then I went inside.  The kale and spinach drooping.  The lettuce looks great.  The other plants in the raised bed showed various amounts of drooping, but none were obviously dying.

The plants on the work bench are of greater concern.  They are pots and have air above and below them.  They do not have the biomass of the soil in the raised bed to help protect their roots.  When I checked several of the pots, I discovered that the soil was frozen.  I don’t know if any of them will make it.  I’ll keep you up to date on any changes.

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Invariably I awaken to one of my pets wanting in or out.  It’s okay.  Most of the time, I don’t mind.  The only exception is being awakened in the middle of the night by a cat who wants to play rather than actually wanting to go outside or in.  Sometimes, I will put a cat outside if it plays that game.

Once up, I find I follow a pattern.  I pick up my coffee cup from my desk and go to the kitchen.  Then I discover the dogs need water so I fill their water dish.  I also check their food which is in a large auto-dispense bowl.

Next, I put wood into the woodstove.  I sit there and monitor it until the wood catches.  I turn the draft controls down so it’s safe for me to walk away.

After that, I put water into my tea kettle and place it on the woodstove.  I put honey into my cup and choose the tea I want.  I take my cup back to my desk.

Then, I fix my cereal bowl and go to my desk.  I sit back in my chair away from the keyboard.  I enjoy a nice, quiet breakfast.

After the water is hot, I make some tea.  English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Gray, Spiced Chai, Green Tea, Rooibos, or Prince of Wales, which is my favorite.

I quickly check the latest news.  After which I check the weather.

Usually by this time, the dogs want to come inside.  They let me know by scratching at the door.  Thor is really good about this; Freya is not.  She’s getting too old to scratch at the door.

Once the dogs are inside and settled down, I start writing.  I mostly work on my novel.  Sometimes, I write short stories.

Others who share my life start waking up around nine o’clock.  Even then, things are quiet.

It’s nice having a peaceful morning routine.  I remember the hurried and harried morning when I worked in an office.  From the time I woke up to an alarm clock until I went to bed, it was run, run, run.  *Phew*  I’m glad I traded that in.  I like my current morning routine much better.

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Have you ever gardened or harvested at night?  I have on numerous occasions, although it’s been a while.  I remember harvesting corn in the middle of the night with a harvest moon providing light.  It was a chilly October night.  So snakes weren’t a concern.  The corn was saved for seed or ground into meal.

Where I live now, I’ve gardened at night twice.  Once was to tend to my moonflowers.  I wanted to make sure the vines were healthy and producing pretty flowers.  I went out to check on them and ended up weeding them.  They were lovely.  It was nice to look at them, get busy, look back later, and discover they really did track the moon’s movements.

The second time I gardened at night, I scared some deer out of the main garden.  I went down and discovered that they had pulled a couple of plants out of the ground.  I replanted them then took them water.  The next day, they were gone.  Apparently the deer waited for me to leave.  Oh, well, I tried to save them.

Anyway, here I am, up in the middle of the night with gardening on my mind.  I hope the rest of you sleep well.

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I’m on two different antibiotics right now.  Each one makes me more sensitive to the sun.  Fortunately, the big garden is done for the year.  The greenhouse and several potted plants, however, need watering and attention.

What to do?  I could get up early and go out before the sun hits the greenhouse.  Normally, this would be a good idea.  This time of year, though, the temperature in the early morning is less than freezing.  Of course, this is not good for watering.

I could wait for the shadows to reach the greenhouse.  This time of year, it usually happens around 5:30 or so.  The temperatures start cooling off quickly.  But this option is workable.

The last option is to wear long sleeves, a hat, and gloves.  I’ve done this before.  In the heat of summer, it’s unbearable.  This time of year, it’s not bad.

The point is, there are many things that could get in the way of gardening.  Just because there are obstacles, it doesn’t mean you have to give in to them.  If you really want to garden, find a way.

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