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Thor had a meeting today with a very nice lady named Paula, who works for the Virginia Health Department.  She was happy to see that Thor is a happy dog who shows no signs or symptoms of rabies.  She petted him and told him what a wonderful dog he was.  She also told me that she was glad that we kept up with his rabies shots.  She was grateful that I’ve been posting about the experience.  She released Thor from confinement.  He is now visiting the neighbor’s house.  I’m sure they missed him, just as he missed them.

I was surprised several days ago by our UPS man.  He was unaware that rabies vaccinations are mandatory for dogs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  He was just as unaware that the vaccination saves dogs lives.  He knows now because I educated him.  I also let him know about rabies clinics that are held in many locations around our area.  He asked if our cats had the shots, and I told him yes.  All our pets do.  I’d much rather be safe than sorry any day.

Looking at Thor, I’m so glad he had up-to-date vaccinations.  That fact saved his life.  Please see to it that your furry friends have their rabies vaccines.  It stands to save their lives just as it did with our Thor.


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One more day to go on Thor’s confinement period.  He’s doing great!  No signs of rabies, yay!

So, this morning I took Thor for a walk on his leash, of course.  We started down the driveway before heading into the old, goat field.  He rolled in the grass and listened for deer before doing his business.  He explored the entire field.  After he was satisfied, we walked by the chickens.  Then we went to his cable behind the house.  After making breakfast, I sat where he could look in the window and see me.  He looked into the woods many times.  I’m sure he heard some deer, but I never saw them.  Callie, our female cat, came up to Thor for his grooming expertise.  She licked him while he groomed her.  When she had had enough, she walked away.  Shortly after she left, Salem came up for his grooming time.  Puff was groomed for the longest period of time.  He wanted to be groomed on both sides from head to tail tip.  Thor thoroughly enjoyed being their groomer.

Tomorrow, the Health Department will either call or come by or both to check on Thor.  A decision will be made at that time as to whether the confinement period is over or needs to continue.  I believe that it will be over tomorrow.  I’ll let you know either way.


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Today started off with no alarm clock, which almost made my son late for his ride to college.  Fortunately, he and I both awoke about twenty minutes before he had to leave.  Thor was on the foot of my bed.  He didn’t even look up when I called out to my son to see if he was awake.  Joshua caught his ride.  Thor and I went back to sleep.

About an hour or so later, I got up for the day.  Thor, as usual, continued to doze until I was ready to take him for a walk.  Out the door we went.  He checked out the porch before heading out to the cars.  He’s always hopeful that he’ll get to go for a ride.  This morning, like most mornings, was just a walk.

We headed down the driveway.  He started sniffing the ground at the path that leads to the neighbors.  He looked down the path hopefully.  Once he realized I wasn’t going that way, he continued down the driveway.  He sniffed the tall grass with loud snorts.  Once back up the driveway, we turned in front of the goat barn.  The tall grass was wet with dew and my shoes became slippery.  I walked carefully while he explored the smells that appeared overnight.  He was very interested in the tall grass and pines in the lower field.  Maybe some deer were there.

We walked by the chickens as the rooster paid attention to a hen.  He crowed his delight afterward.  (He has a strange crow.)  We continued on to the tall grass and back to the house where Thor gladly stepped up to the cable.  I attached it to his collar and gave him a hug.  Breakfast and coffee.  Time on the computer.  A chat with a friend.  Now, hours later, Thor wants to walk some more.

Thor on his cable-chain

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Thor and the Raccoon – Day 25

Well, we are more than half way through Thor’s 45 day confinement period.  He is his usual puppy self.  He loves to go for walks, often….which is fine.  After all, it’s exercise for us too.  He’s been loosing weight because he’s not getting so many treats from the neighbors.  Thor didn’t come home once.  We put out fliers and put up posters.  We drove around to ask neighbors if they’d seen him.  We had no luck until he was discovered under a neighbor’s back deck.  He’d been hit by a car and went there.  We immediately took him to the vet.  He had a broken metacarpal which healed nicely with a splint and some down time.

Anyway, while talking with our neighbor’s during Thor’s missing time, we discovered the Secret Life of Thor.  At one house, he is given daily treats including cheese stuffed hotdog and other similar foods.  At another house, he loves to watch the cows.  The landowner doesn’t mind because Thor doesn’t chase them.  At another neighbor’s, he loves to ride on their ATVs with them.  Who ever would have guessed that he’d have so many friends and so many secrets?  It’s nice to know that our neighbors love him, too.

So, here’s another photo of Thor.  I hope your pets and farm animals are doing well.

Thor Rolling

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Thor on his cable-chain

This morning, Thor awoke me with whimpers.  I figured he either wanted attention, which is usual, or needed to go outside.  So, I petted him for a while.  Once dressed, I took him for a walk.  He decided he wanted to visit the tall grass which he watered twice.  Then we went to some other tall grass where he rolled around and tried to catch a field mouse.

He’s laying here beside me as I type this.  He’s quite happy and content.  I’m so glad to see nothing, no bad signs, no symptoms, nothing.  Yay!

I hope all pet owners out there are careful to keep their pets rabies shot up to date.  It could save their life.



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Thor awoke on my bed bright and early.  He perked as the first chicken announced that dawn was coming.  I called him to me.  He lay down beside me so I could pet him.  He allowed that for about five minutes.  Then he took a brief nap before deciding to clean his feet and foot pads.  Of course, his activity made it impossible for me to go back to sleep so I was up for the day.  Soon, I had him outside for a walk.  He took my down past the garden where we worked last evening before dark.  He continued down the driveway past the goat field.  We turned around and went back to the grassy front yard.  Then, we played fetch with the ball being thrown within the thirty foot reach of his leash.  He did this twice before deciding it was time to groom a cat.  This made him quite happy, to the point of whimpering his delight.  Soon after it was time for me to go inside and get  busy.  He was happy to come along.

Thor may have had a run in with a rabid raccoon, but he feels fine so far.  So, good news for Thor and all who love him.


Thor loves to roll in the grass.


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Thor is doing great.  He’s being his normal, happy self.  He got some loving from me first thing this morning before I took him for a walk.  We checked on the chickens and cats and greenhouse.  There was a light misty rain falling that didn’t bother Thor or me.  We walked around for about thirty minutes.  My shoes were soaked by the time we came back in.  He went to his boy’s room and plopped down on the bed.  I took a shower and started my day.

In other words, no news is good news.

Thor doesn’t seem affected by the bite or the booster shot.  Yay!

I’ll be in touch.

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