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In the beginning, there was no time.  Time is marked by the movement of things, generally planets.  In the beginning, there was nothing and so there was no time.  There were, however, the unmovable movers, that which came to be known as the Elohim, the creator gods.  There was nothing, other than the Elohim, which makes even the existence of space, darkness, and the heavens questionable.  For what exists, besides the Elohim if nothing is all there is?  No one will ever know how long nothing existed.  The Elohim might know, but I doubt they would ever tell us.

Then, in one moment of inspiration or divine will, the Elohim thought of her.  The Elohim placed her in space.  Darkness surrounded her body of mist or vapor or plasma or maybe of something unexplainable.  Anyway, she moved through space, but not time, which did not exist yet.  The Elohim were pleased with her, but they wanted more.  They liked what their one thought had created.  So, they reflected upon her and upon themselves in a great, imaginary, cosmic mirror.  They wanted more beings like themselves, and she was the key.  She would become the Mother of All.

She alone was not enough to create all that the Elohim wanted to create.  So, the Elohim thought and he came into being.  He was not like her.  He was not mist.  He was long and bony white with fire for eyes so that he could see her in the darkness that was her world.  He carried a scythe, for he brought death with him just as she brought life with her.  They were opposite and equal in force and strength.  She was not his victim; he was not hers.  They meet and mated just as the Elohim had in their minds created.  The meeting was pleasant for both him and her.  Their union produced what is now called the Big Bang.  With the birth of their children, this universe came into being.


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