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Our fall garden this year will include leaf lettuce, head lettuce, kale, swiss chard, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, peas, garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes, beets, radishes, and maybe sweet potatoes and turnips.  The family hasn’t voted on those two yet.

First, we will go down and prepare the garden the same way we did in the spring.  We have to remove the tomato cages, which isn’t a problem since early blight took our tomato plants.  Next, we will hand weed the garden raised bed.  The tiller will be used in the rest of the garden.  Then, we will plant seeds and transplant the ones I started in the greenhouse.

Speaking of the greenhouse, I’ll also start greens in there and bush beans.  I might also put a few pea plants.

If you’re planning a fall garden, get busy.  August will be over before you know it.  Plants will survive best if they are mature before first frost.  Most of the plants I have listed above are hardy down to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit.  Broccoli and cauliflower are hardy down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, but only if they do not have heads on them.  If they have heads, they are hardy to fifteen degrees.

Happy gardening.


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Thor on his cable-chain

This morning, Thor awoke me with whimpers.  I figured he either wanted attention, which is usual, or needed to go outside.  So, I petted him for a while.  Once dressed, I took him for a walk.  He decided he wanted to visit the tall grass which he watered twice.  Then we went to some other tall grass where he rolled around and tried to catch a field mouse.

He’s laying here beside me as I type this.  He’s quite happy and content.  I’m so glad to see nothing, no bad signs, no symptoms, nothing.  Yay!

I hope all pet owners out there are careful to keep their pets rabies shot up to date.  It could save their life.



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Thor awoke on my bed bright and early.  He perked as the first chicken announced that dawn was coming.  I called him to me.  He lay down beside me so I could pet him.  He allowed that for about five minutes.  Then he took a brief nap before deciding to clean his feet and foot pads.  Of course, his activity made it impossible for me to go back to sleep so I was up for the day.  Soon, I had him outside for a walk.  He took my down past the garden where we worked last evening before dark.  He continued down the driveway past the goat field.  We turned around and went back to the grassy front yard.  Then, we played fetch with the ball being thrown within the thirty foot reach of his leash.  He did this twice before deciding it was time to groom a cat.  This made him quite happy, to the point of whimpering his delight.  Soon after it was time for me to go inside and get  busy.  He was happy to come along.

Thor may have had a run in with a rabid raccoon, but he feels fine so far.  So, good news for Thor and all who love him.


Thor loves to roll in the grass.


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Imagine that you arrive in this country as a pioneer, either Native American or European.  As the sun sets, you reach the top of a mountain to see this sight.

Pioneer Mountains

What thoughts go through your mind?  Why did you come to this place?  Who’s with you?  Where are you going?  Why go there?  How much further do you want to go?

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Thor is doing great.  He’s being his normal, happy self.  He got some loving from me first thing this morning before I took him for a walk.  We checked on the chickens and cats and greenhouse.  There was a light misty rain falling that didn’t bother Thor or me.  We walked around for about thirty minutes.  My shoes were soaked by the time we came back in.  He went to his boy’s room and plopped down on the bed.  I took a shower and started my day.

In other words, no news is good news.

Thor doesn’t seem affected by the bite or the booster shot.  Yay!

I’ll be in touch.

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Tina Thompson, who works for the Health Department, just left.  She met Thor and was happy to pet him.  She said he was beautiful.  Then, we got down to business.  She read the NOTICE OF CONFINEMENT which states, “In accordance with the Health Laws of Virginia, Sec. 3.2-6522 by signing this notice the owner agrees to confine his/her animal for the specified period of time and further agrees to notify the Health Department or Animal Control if the animal changes character/personality, becomes sick, dies, or escapes during the confinement period by calling the Health Department at ________________________.

“NOTES ON CONFINEMENT: The animal shall be housed in a building, pen or some other suitable escape-proof enclosure.  The animal cannot be removed from the enclosure unless on a leash and under the immediate control of a responsible adult.  The animal cannot be moved to another location unless permission is obtained from the District Health Director or designee.”

Thor’s confinement stated on August 11, 2013 and is scheduled to end on September 24, 2013.

Tina Thompson, like the other professionals, does not believe that Thor is in danger because his rabies shot is up to date.  She was glad to hear that we’d gotten his booster shot done yesterday.  She also told me that this is the second rabies case in Floyd County, Virginia this year.  She explained that last year was much worse, with several unvaccinated dogs having to be euthanized.

I’m so glad we keep up with their shots.  Not only is it required by law, but it stands to save lives.  Please check the date on your pets rabies shot.  You won’t regret it if your dog should be exposed to the disease the way Thor was.

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Thor and the Raccoon

We just found out from the Virginia Health Department that the raccoon that bit our dog, Thor, tested positive for rabies.  Thor is up to date on his rabies shots.  We have an appointment for a booster shot this morning.  He will have to be kept on a leash and under observation (by us) for the next 45 days.  I’ll be posting daily, or near-daily, updates here.

As for Thor’s behavior since being bitten on Saturday morning, he’s been his usual sweet self.  I gave him a bath this morning, which he promptly undid by rolling in the dirt.  He was completely dirt covered when I went out to photograph the rising sun.  Well, I told my son that he’ll have to give Thor another bath before we take him to see the vet.  So, almost straight from the bath to the car for Thor.

Anyway, Brightest of Blessings to our dog, Thor.  I’ll keep you updated.


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