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Greenhouse Stairs

I now have stairs going from the greenhouse down to the garden.  They are made with treated lumber, gravel, and sand.  Here’s some photos.

These are the new stairs that lead from the greenhouse to the garden.

The stairs as seen from the greenhouse down to the landing.

From the landing down.


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Soda Can Hanging Lanterns

These are easy to make.  Children should have supervision when making this project.

Find and clean soda cans.  Use a rotary tool to cut the sides.  You might want to mark them to keep your lines straight or curved.  You will need to remove one metal strip.  This allows you to place a tea candle inside.  Once cut, press down on the bottom of the can until you have the shape you desire.   Then, poke holes on either side of the bottom.  Run a wire through the holes and twist the ends together.  Hang, light, ready to use!

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How to make a shed roof out of old 2-liter soda bottles

This idea comes from a friend who found it on the internet.

It’s easy enough to do, just takes some time.  Take an empty 2-liter soda bottle.  Clean it out well.  Then cut off the top and bottom.  Next cut down each side.  Be sure to measure it so  the two halves are the same size.  Next, turn one side curve up and the other curve down.  Staple them together.  Continue this pattern until you have enough for the roof.  Then either staple or nail them into place on top of your building.  Done!

This idea keeps plastic out of the landfill and is useful.  Enjoy!


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