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I’ve changed the look of my blog and moved a few posts to a new blog.  This one will be dedicated to gardening and country life.  Please be patient with my changes.  I hope you enjoy my blog.


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For the third time this week, I was stung by a bee. Like I said before, sometimes I feel like I have a target on me. All but one member of my family uses the same brand of shampoo and soap that I use. The bees don’t bother them. Maybe it’s just my body’s chemicals, who knows? Anyway, I’ll be up to posting in the next couple of days.

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Birthday coming

My birthday is this Saturday.  I’ll be 46 years old.  My dad’s birthday is the 27th of this month, hence the early gift I gave him when he came to visit.

To celebrate, I’ve invited friends up for a bonfire and potluck dinner.  I thought about a cookout,…and I still might fire up the grill.  We’ll see.

Friends, family, good food, bonfire,…excellent birthday!

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Early Birthday for Dad

My dad and his lovely wife are here in Virginia to visit.  Boy do I have a surprise for my dad.  You see, his birthday is later this month.  So, not only are we taking him out to lunch today, but I have a card and gift for him.

The card is an appreciation card with statements like “You’re Great!” and “You’re Amazing!”  Inside this card, I put an empty Moon Pie wrapping.  Dad loves Moon Pies and RC Cola.  So, I thought I would tease him by saying that I bought it for him.  But, I couldn’t wait,…I was hungry so I ate it.

What he won’t know is that I have a gift box for him that is stuffed with RC Cola and Moon Pies!  Happy Birthday, Dad!!

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Creating characters is like making new people, but not.  The character starts with an idea or a name.  Then, s/he gets a description.  After that comes history and family.  The final thing is to decide how the characters will interact with each other.  The first character leads to the creation of the next,…usually.  The hardest part, for me, is writing the character’s personal history.  This history gives the events in the character’s life that made the character the way s/he is now.  It tells how the character got to this point in his/her life.  Some of the events are obvious.  I mean, if you are writing about a woman who does counseling for battered women, then more than likely she or someone she knows was abused in the past.  It’s the other, less momentous events that are sometimes hard to come up with, but they can be equally important.

Once the characters are created, the story starts to take shape around them.  That’s when the fun part begins.

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All is well

My world is quiet this morning, except for the bugs chattering to each other outside.  The dogs are sleeping.  The cats are outside.  My son is sleeping.  Frank and Janine are next door.

I’ve had two cups of coffee with breakfast.  The sun peeked through the curtain of clouds for a brief moment.  I am going to a friend’s home later today, but other than that…I’ve no plans.

I did find out that one of my sons is now engaged!  Yay!  They make such a wonderful couple.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to write on this quiet morning.  Maybe, I’ll just go back to bed.  After I wake up, I might feel more like writing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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It’s late

It’s late.  Nature is dark.  The night bugs are chattering.  The toads are out.   There are two bats flying around.  I’ve noticed that the one is almost constantly making sounds.  The other is almost always silent.  I wonder if the second is using the sounds made by the first to locate food?  Cooperative sonar…excellent!

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